image caption Small equipment for Video Studio The device PALplus standard for the broadcast of a TV with control unit 4:3, 14:9, and 16:9  aspect ratio, taking into account the transmitted video. Without the intervention of a power  failure the unit passes the video signal.  Properties Communications:  USB, virtual serial port  Power:  Power adapter +5V/<200mA DC stabilized or USB, Video signal:  1Vpp nominal Modes:  Pass, 4:3, 14:9, 16:9, LetterBox/Zoom,  Control:  potential-free contact,  Serial communication,  Display:  Power on, mode: Serial control  DIP switch set-up  Video: Ready/ bad Remote: contact - open/close  Structure:  ALUBOS metal housing,  19” RACK housing, Other properties:  - Micro Controller implemented services,  - Black level reconstruction,  - Extensible services,  Package       content:  - TV-WSS-01 inserter, - Power adapter, - Manual (download from WEB),  - USB-A -USB-B cable, Manual  The device ensures that the standard placement of video content to any area appears to  neutralizes the implant so that the black level is always at the receiving end and nice appreciable signal.  This feature can be turned off.